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Our Condo on the Magnificent Mile

This article focuses on our unit at the 100 East Huron Residences, which is located at the corner of Michigan and Huron on Chicago's Magnificent Mile. See the previous article for a description of our "neighborhood."

100 East Huron Street entrance

100 East Huron Street

The Magnificent Mile looking south
100 East Huron is the third block on the right

View of Chicago Place and Saks Fifth Avenue
Corner of Michigan Ave and Superior Street
That's our building "growing" out of the center
As always there's a story to tell, which in this case involves the furnishings in the photos below. What you see is what we bought from the furniture staging company.

Here's the background. Almost every unit that Diana looked at contained staged furniture. Turns out that real estate sells faster and for more money (an estimated 6% more than an empty unit) with staged furniture. This actually makes sense. Professional decorators know how to make a unit look attractive and appealing to a broad spectrum of buyers. We know from the experience of our friends that in most cases realtors have advised them to remove furniture and to make decorating changes (mostly painting) to make their unit more appealing.

And here's the best part, we bought all that stuff for $3,750. This made it possible for us to move in without the stress of having to shop for furniture. From our experience, shopping for furniture is time consuming and very frustrating. The frustration stems from the fact that you have to wait as much as MONTHS for many items or buy something that's "OK enough but not exactly what you want.

Note: We also replaced the mattresses in both bedrooms and the box springs in the master (as all were very old, dirty and tired). This added an additional $2,500 of expense. So all told, we were able to move in and enjoy our new place for $7,000. Todd Hague, our realtor, lent us a 40" TV so we could be fully operational from the get go.

The only additional major expense was the entertainment system. Here we contracted with ABT Electronics to propose a system that would work in the available space. The challenge involves limitations related to the HVAC system and the large number of windows. Essentially, you cannot obstruct the intake vent located in the living room. ABT sent a consultant out in early July. He proposed a 55 inch Samsung TV that is glare resistant with a BDI TV stand that was designed to fit in a corner. This enabled us to house the RCN supplied TiVo and cable box without obstructing the intake. The solution was elegant. Cost: Approximately $6,400.

Samsung 55" TV (wall mounted) with Bose soundbar and BDI cabinet
Notice the HVAC intake visible to left of the cabinet
The following are photographs of our unit, the building's amenities and the extraordinary views from our floor to ceiling windows.

Entrance to the 100 East Huron Residences
The living room area looking north
 That's the John Hancock Building in the center of the photo
The TV on the wall is fake
View of the living room with the new entertainment system

Living room looking northwest
You can see O'hare Airport 17 miles to the west northwest
Dining room looking toward the kitchen

Dining room looking toward the living room
View to the right is north and to the left is west, northwest and southwest
View looking northeast
O'Hare Airport is visible 17 miles to the west northwest
The previous owner's telescope and the chaise lounge were the only items removed

Guest bedroom looking out into the living room

View of the Hancock Building from the guest bedroom

Upgraded modern kitchen with view looking due west

Kitchen looking north into the living / dining room area

Standing in the foyer looking into the master suite and kitchen
Foyer chest and art
The entrance to our unit with a coat closet to the right

Kitchen seating at the pass through
Note the French doors

Master bath
The shower has a central shower head, side heads and a handheld
Floors are heated and the lighting is amazing 
Close-up of shower equipment

Master bedroom
View looks to the west.

Guest bathroom
Indoor swimming pool

Workout room
9th floor deck
9th Floor Deck

9th Floor Seating

Corridor leading to the residential elevators
Now to the views.

Looking east to Lake Michigan
That's the 1,148 foot 100 story John Hancock Building in the center
Facts: 4th tallest building in Chicago, 11th tallest building in the world

looking due east toward Lake Michigan

Looking north down historic Rush Street
Named for a signer of the US Constitution

View to the northwest

Another view to the northwest
Note the construction site that will eventually block this view

View of the 100 E Huron Street building (dead center) as you walk down Rush Street

View to the southwest
That's the 110 story Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in the distance
At 1,450 feet it is the second tallest building in the United States
Written by Les.

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